Sunday, March 29, 2009


The best word in the world for "longing" in any language. Not a bad wine either.
(You all see what happens when my wife goes away? I become one of those bloggers).


Jefferson Rose said...

While you are bored and longing for...

send me

a. Stool Sample lyrics
b. Stool Sample videos

Or I will stool sample in you running shoes.

PS Brown Dwarves in the morning!

Ben A. said...

I'll be worried if I see you wandering around Ravenna wearing all black and listening to the Cure.

Also, I don't even want to know what you and Jeff were getting in to in Barcelona.

Julie said...

Hmmm... not sure I'd like to see Stool Sample videos...

Añoranza is a beautiful word, both the meaning and phonetically.

Take care bro.



preusch said...

You were one of those bloggers long before your wife shipped out on assignment...

Anonymous said...

There is also the matter of Part II to which to tend. Post haste, e, post haste. At least before the gathering in Wilmington. Digressions on the vagaries of the hamam would do us all well.


Helena said...

I miss her too.